Bio-A'grow Neem

Organic Soil Fertilizers

A signature Organic fertilizer trusted for centuries and an ideal crop companion as an organic fertilizer as well as anti nematode agent.

What is Bio-A'grow Neem

Bio-A'grow Neem is the residual cake from cold pressed neem seed. It is a superior quality natural and organic fertiliser with a combination of fertilizer as well as anti-Nematode properties. Bio-A'grow Neem is manufactured under the best available techniques and technology to provide a quality product which helps in the nourishing, and reconditioning of the soil. It is also a proven anti nematode agent. Most importantly, it is biological, organic and safe to all.

What does Bio-A'grow Neem contain (average and based on batches produced)

  • N (nitrogen 2.0% to 3.0%)
  • K (potassium 0.5% to 0.8%)
  • P (phosphorus 0.5% to 1.0%)
  • Azadirachtin : min 1000ppm (0.1%)
  • Salanin : min 1500 ppm (0.15%)
  • Nimbin : min 850 ppm (0.085%)
  • Moisture content : NMT 10 %
  • It is rich in both sulfur compounds and bitter limonoids

What does Bio-A'grow Neem do

  • Bio-A'grow Neem provides major macro and micro nutrients which are essential for crop cultivation.
  • Bio-A'grow Neem also provides additional nitrates for the plants which in turn induces nitrogen metabolism by acting as a nitrification inhibitor which restricts nitrogen from being converted to gas, thus prolonging the availability of nitrogen for a longer duration to crops.
  • Bio-A'grow Neem reduces alkalinity in the as it produces organic acids during decomposition
  • Bio-A'grow Neem nourishes and rejuvenates depleted soils which increases crop yield substantially.
  • Bio-A'grow Neem enriches the natural elements of the soil such as the soil structure and texture. It also revitalises the soil and improves soil water retention capacity as well as increases microbial activities.
  • Bio-A'grow Neem inhibits soil borne Nematodes and prevents the hatching of the pest & insect eggs in the soil. The active ingredients or liminoids, when ingested by the pests, create hormonal disruptions which prevent the pests from feeding, breeding or metamorphosing.
  • Bio-A'grow Neem is completely organic and an environmentally safe product.

Bio-A'grow Neem Application

# Crop Application
1 Wheat 1000 kg/hectare
2 Rice 1000 kg/hectare
3 Sugarcane 2500 kg/hectare
4 Soybean 600 kg/hectare
5 Spices 2400 kg/hectare
6 Coffee 1000 kg/hectare
7 Tea 1000 kg/hectare
8 Pomegranate & Citrus 2 kg/plant
9 Other Fruit Crops 1-2 kg/plant
10 Coconut 2 kg/tree
11 Rubber 3 kg/tree
12 Floriculture 1 – 3 kg/plant
13 Vegetable 200 gms/sq. meter
14 Lawn 200 gms/sq. meter

Bio-A'grow Neem Application Method

  • Mix with the soil before ploughing as per the tabulation above.
  • If application after crops are planted or as a supplementary fertilizer, apply around the root zone of crops.

Availability and Packaging

  • Available in Granular and Pellet forms
  • Packed in 25kgs and 40kgs bags.