Bio-Enrich Plus (Potassium Humate)

Organic Liquid Fertilizers

A booster and a rich organic fertilizer for excellent plant growth

What is Bio-Enrich Plus

It is a combined formula of naturally occurring Humic, Fluvic & Amino compound which makes Bio-Enrich Plus an efficient organic potassium fertilizer. Manufactured by way of alkaline extraction, it is an excellent soil conditioner. Potassium Humate contains Humic Acid which is a high active agent which can increase available Potassium in the soil, reduce loss and fixation of Potassium in the soil.

What does Bio-Enrich Plus do

  • Bio-Enrich Plus acts as a soil conditioner and improves the physical and chemical qualities of the soil.
  • Bio-Enrich Plus contains a wealth of micro nutrients.
  • Bio-Enrich Plus promotes good soil structure and texture and is conducive for enhancing microbial activities.
  • Bio-Enrich Plus enhances nutrient uptake and increases the content of humus in soil.
  • Bio-Enrich Plus is an excellent plant growth stimulant which promotes good root development and stimulates seed germination.
  • Bio-Enrich Plus enhances nutrient uptake by combining nutrients and humic acids and keeps a well-balanced nutrition.
  • Bio-Enrich Plus greatly improves the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer.
  • Bio-Enrich Plus enhances the resilience of crops from cold, drought, pest, disease and toppling resistance.
  • The Potassium in Bio-Enrich Plus is an important component of chlorophyll which speeds up the photosynthesis.
  • Bio-Enrich Plus retains water soluble fertilizers in the root zones and releases them to plants when needed

Principally, Bio-Enrich Plus can be viewed in three distinct groupings

  • The Quinoid group induces the intensification of exchange processes which result in the rapid development of a root system, increases the plants' resistance to unfavorable stress factors and helps in the synthesis of chlorophyll, sugars, vitamins, essential amino-acids etc.
  • The Peptide group protects the plant cells against stress, such as attacks of peroxide compounds, toxins, and free radicals, etc. So 100% plants cell energy is used for positive growth and development.
  • Carboxyl and Hydroxyl Groups increases the 100% solubility of Bio-Enrich Plus in water which easily penetrate the plant cell and be more useful for a plant's growth and development for better yield.
  • Application of Bio-Enrich Plus enriches the soil by magnifying available fertilizer as a fertilizer additive. It is also a soil activator and soil conditioner (Enhancing the soil buffering properties).

Availablity of Bio-Enrich Plus

It is a is available in three forms – Liquid/ Powder/Granular form

Liquid - Soil Application

  • Apply 5 ml / m2 area before planting sowing / during irrigation. For aged grown up trees, the dosage can be increased to about @ 10 ml per tree. The dosage per acre can be max 2 Liter
  • Soil drenching @ 10 ml mixed with 10 lit of water for soil drenching

Foliar Spray

  • Dilute 5 ml per liter of water and may be combined with fertilizer spray as well.

Granules & Powder

  • Granules is applied at 8 kg per acre
  • Powder is applied at 2- 5 gm per liter of water- powder to be removed.