Bio-Sheild Fungai

Pest Management

A botanical fungus protection and management product. Completely organic and biologically derived. Safe and eco-friendly.

What is Bio-Sheild Fungai

Bio-Sheild Fungai is a broad spectrum contact fungicide which is derived from botanical plant oils and extracts. The biocidal chemical compounds extracted from these botanical inputs are applied to kill or inhibit fungi and fungal spores. Bio-Sheild Fungai is eco-friendly and safe.

What does Bio-Sheild Fungai do

  • Bio-Sheild Fungai kills fungi by damaging their cell membranes, inactivating critical enzymes or proteins, or by interfering with key processes such as energy production or respiration. It also impacts specific metabolic pathways such as the production of sterols or chitin.
  • Bio-Sheild Fungai is an important tool to prevent the development of resistant pathogen that often occurs with chemical fungicide product. It's multiple and unique mode of action inhibits the pathogen's ability to develop resistance.
  • Bio-Sheild Fungai is an important tool in disease management whenever fungicide use in necessary. Apply it alone (or) in combination with chemical fungicide. This will result in reduced susceptibility to disease and overall reduction in the use of chemical fungicide.

Benefits of Bio-Sheild Fungai

  • It is Non-Toxic to People & Pets
  • It is organic & environmentally Safe
  • Can be applied Indoors & Outdoors
  • It works fast.

Application and dosage of Bio-Sheild Fungai

  • Read entire label and use accordingly.
  • For best results, apply when conditions favour disease development or at the first sign of disease infestation.
  • Thoroughly cover the upper and lower leaf surfaces until wet and avoid excessive runoff.
  • Continue application of Bio-Sheild Fungai at 7-14 day intervals until the threat of disease is over.
  • Under light disease pressure, the application interval may be extended.
  • Bio-Sheild Fungai may be applied to crops at any time up to and including the day of harvest.

Bio-Sheild Fungai targets

Botrytis Gray Mold, Anthracnose, Powdery Mildews, Early blight, Leaf blight, Leaf Spots, Phytopthara, Blast, Rust

Specification of Bio-Sheild Fungai

Recommended Dosage: 3 ml per litre of water

Packing: 100 ml, 250 ml, 1litre, 5 litre